Experiences are what people cherish, remember, what makes them laugh or cry. The last minute goal, game saving points or hair-raising three song encore. We're all part of something big.

At Huggity we capture these moments and give fans new possibilities to relive and share them with their friends.














Social Activation

Huggity FanPic application is based on a giant 360º, multibillion pixel crowd images taken at a venue during an event - we call them FanPics.

Once a FanPic is posted online, users can zoom into a crowd photo to find themselves and their friends. They can then share “a moment in time” with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or email through the “tagging” feature, creating a powerful emotional association between the brand and event.


Extend brand exposure

FanPic allows Rights Holders and Sponsors to activate their sponsorship online. This post event marketing tool extends brand exposure and allows you to maximise ROI through data capture for targeted post event campaigns. FanPic engages fans, enhances their experience and connects them with brands on an emotional level.

FanPic Gamification

With FanPic fans can collect points by completing a set of on online challenges. Points are converted to badges that indicate a fan's level of passion. Gamification provides numerous opportunities for data capture. It also ensures that you can retain fan engagement over a series of events.

Run Competitions

Organisers of large events are in the unique position to offer prizes that money can’t buy. Prizes offer a talking point for fans and help build club loyalty. Competitions provide an easy means of data capture, increase brand exposure through facebook newfeed announcements and encourage online conversations between fans.

Data Capture

Our unique data capture packages collect data on a number of levels. You will be able to identify key influencers and opinion leaders as well as those fans who need further engagement. Our unobtrusive data capture features reward fans for taking part and create a sense of building a community.

Virtual Stadium

With virtual stadium fans who are not able to attend your event can still experience the excitement and atmosphere online. This is a unique option for sponsors to engage with fans outside of the main arena and allows access to the non-domestic fan base.
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" The Huggity FanPic has been a great way to activate our sponsorship of Aviva Stadium. It integrates well with our other fan promotions and the results have always exceeded our expectations.

We look forward to running further FanPics with Huggity in 2013.
Mark Russell Group Sponsorship Manager AVIVA Ireland
" Huggity were great to deal with. From the very first meeting to getting the analysis back they covered everything as they walked us through every step of the journey.

The FanPic is a great piece of fan activation.
Brett Williams Sponsorship Manager RBS

Huggity created some spe-
ctacular imagery of the Qatar Foundation flagship event enabling students and their families to view themselves
and tag using social media sites. Event was attended by Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser the Chairperson
of Qatar Foundations.

We were very impressed by
the speed that Huggity turned around its service thus not losing the enthusiasm and impetus generated by the
event itself. 

Kevin Brown Director of Live Events and Festivals QMDI - A Qatar Foundation Joint Venture

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